What Does an Accounting Consultant Do?

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Many business owners realise the importance of monitoring cash flow. After all, it is what keeps the company running and the lights on. And that’s why smart business people hire people who will help us do exactly that.

But with the range of options to choose from it’s often confusing to know which professional is right for your business. There are bookkeepers, CPAs, and accounting consultants! Here is an overview of what an  accounting consultant does for organisations.

Accounting Consultant for your Business

Main Functions of an Accounting Consultant

For us to understand the benefit of an accounting consultant instead of, or aside from a bookkeeper, here are some of the things he/ she actually does:

  • Determining the financial climate of your business
  • Provide comprehensive analysis of data from statements
  • Look into ways the business can save more money
  • Identify which accounting services are required
  • Set important routinary accounting tasks

You probably see the numbers each month from the bookkeeper, but do you know what they actually mean? Maybe yes for those who have accounting backgrounds, but not everyone can see the meaning behind the digits.

This is where a professional accounting consultant can be of assistance. An accounting consultant interprets the data for you, gives recommendations on what to do to address those numbers, and puts into place some processes you will need. It is seeing beyond the numbers, and it will definitely benefit you a lot.


Get More Control on Your Finances

While it is true that a cash flow statement tells you exactly where the money goes, it does not give you any suggestion on how you can optimise it in a way that benefits you in the long run. In haste, we might even make decisions that would make more harm than good.

An accounting consultant is a sound mind behind you that gives more insight on what you can do. They provide expert opinion on what should be changed and where effort should be placed more. Ultimately, you as the business owner decides on the path, but won’t it be helpful to have an expert helping you? It’s a wise investment, indeed

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Jake Elliott is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience offering Outsourced CFO and other consulting services to businesses. His background working "in-business" allows him to provide clients with insights into their operational and financial performance beyond the capabilities of their accountant/bookkeepers.