Business Performance Consulting

Through a broad range of different services, specific to your business and the challenges it faces, our goal is to evolve your business model, by focusing on the fundamentals required to establish, grow and improve revenue, profitability and cashflow.

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Is Your Business Operating At Its Peak Performance? Would You Like To Steer Your Business In A More Lucrative Direction?

At William Advisory Group, our goal is to evolve your business by focusing on the fundamentals required to establish, grow and sustain a profitable and productive business.

We take the time to really understand your business, its issues and challenges in order provide business owners with tailored solutions, to help your business work smarter and grow faster. We correctly interpret business goals, create competitive advantages, and design and improve business processes with superior operational effectiveness.

Our consulting team has expertise in the following key areas:

Complex financial models & capital raisings

Preparing financial forecasts and analyses to assist with raising capital, making acquisitions, growing the business organically, selling or divesting assets, budgeting, capital allocation and business valuation.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Exits

When your business has the opportunity to sell, merge or acquire new businesses, there are a number of business, legal, financial and deal negotiation issues involved. We work to identify available businesses, determine the value of the target business, assess parties’ leverage and risk, analyse price and key terms, assist with business planning and financing and assessing strategic consequences of the business plan.

Process Optimisation

Creating recommendations and procedures to reposition your company and correct any functional and operational disorders in your core business processes and workflow.  We identify functional areas which are under-performing and help streamline the business processes to maximise efficiency and sustain growth.

Sales Optimisation

Creating the best possible sales strategy for your business, eliminating time constraints and improving efficiency.  We advise on sales force automation and document and data extraction automation processes (whether in invoice management, database management, email archiving, inventory management, claims processing, etc).

Profit Maximisation

Reviewing strategic alliances and discovering new sources of capital to fund the business into the future. This can also include reviewing the business’s tax position and lending capabilities.

360 Reviews of High Cost Areas

Enabling improvement in key areas and driving accelerated growth.

Review Business Policies and Procedures, Assess Outsourcing Options
Evaluating market potential and the competition context to determine effective strategies and goals.

Conduct Tenders and Negotiate/Engage Service Providers
Assisting with tender processes and documentation, no matter how complex, and helping identify new business opportunities.  We also assist with engagement, management and performance evaluation of contractors and consultants.

Negotiation & Mediation Strategic Planning

Providing comprehensive advice in relation to Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.

Employee Incentive & Bonus Structures

Helping create meaningful and equitable employee recognition and reward programs to attract, retain, motivate and engage talent.

At William Advisory Group, our consulting team is eager to deliver effective planning and real world solutions to your business, focused on increasing productivity, reducing expenses and increasing profits.

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