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Almost every single day, new businesses spring up. The infinite possibilities of a business and what it can give you in the long run is limitless, thus is very enticing. But not everyone can survive the long haul. So what should you do to remain afloat no matter what industry and cutthroat competition you are in?

Here are some startups advice that will certainly do you good. From formalising business procedures to understanding what else you need to focus on, there are different tasks that make a huge difference to the way you run a business. While you learn a lot from mistakes, how about learning from others and not committing the same errors?

Getting Started in Business in Australia

Before getting started in business in Australia, there are a few items that need attention. We have many rules and regulations here and you must make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s before you launch in. You may have tossed around the idea of going it alone, and may have wondered what […]

The Difference Between a Business Coach and an Advisor

When you run a business, you need to have clear vision and goals. Go in blind and you’re most likely done even before you get a comfortable stride. If you need help it’s good to know the difference between a business coach and an advisor. You need people with experience to back you up and […]

Formalising Business Procedures: Why It’s Important

For some people, the greatest challenge running a business is actually starting one. With the many naysayers out there, it takes a great deal of courage and bravery to power through them. And when you’ve finally proven yourself and set aside your doubts, you feel like a million bucks! While that is a difficult part, […]

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