Tag: Cross Training Staff

When you run a business, especially a small one, you may have just a few hands working with you. There are times that when you want a person to just specialise on one function, it is practically impossible as you have more work to be distributed. How do you address this?

Cross training staff allows you to maximise each personnel’s skills and mobilise everyone into achieving your goal. It not only gives them a bigger sense of responsibility and versatility, but it also assures you that no matter what, someone is able to do the job. You are able to cover all important functions of your business by cross training staff members.

Cross-Training Staff: Why It’s a Wise Move and How to Effectively Do It

Running a business is like sailing through unpredictably turbulent seas. At one point things look placid and smooth, then in another the waves become massive and smash important parts of the ship. Will the captain allow the ship to sink, or are there spare items aboard to keep the vessel afloat? This metaphor happens every […]