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In everything you do, it isn’t enough that you just dive into a venture and just keep doing well. You will need to have a strategy in mind always. What do you hope to achieve in this month? What do you wish to accomplish before the year ends?

This is why business strategy is an essential part of any blooming business. It helps you create goals that are achievable and how to get to them with continuous, efficient effort. With a business strategy in place, nothing ever surprises you as you are able to see everything before it even happens.

How to Standardise Your Business Processes

For a business to thrive, it has to have structure in place. Think of processes as a map to help you navigate uncharted areas. It aids you in reaching your goals, which for a business represents sustainability and growth. While it sounds simple enough, standardising processes might be trickier than one could think. How exactly […]

Why You Need a Business Plan

Imagine yourself starting a new venture without an ending or a goal in mind. This can lead to mindless wandering, doubling up and in some cases wasting time. This scenario can be applicable to business as well, which is why a business plan is important at all stages of the business life cycle. A business […]

Formalising Business Procedures: Why It’s Important

For some people, the greatest challenge running a business is actually starting one. With the many naysayers out there, it takes a great deal of courage and bravery to power through them. And when you’ve finally proven yourself and set aside your doubts, you feel like a million bucks! While that is a difficult part, […]

Turnaround Management: What You Need to Know

Turnaround management may be a familiar term to some of you, but to others it can be the first time you have heard it. For those who are running a business, it is a universal fact that there’s always a shaky competition, and it gets tougher as time goes by. And while you can be […]

Cross-Training Staff: Why It’s a Wise Move and How to Effectively Do It

Running a business is like sailing through unpredictably turbulent seas. At one point things look placid and smooth, then in another the waves become massive and smash important parts of the ship. Will the captain allow the ship to sink, or are there spare items aboard to keep the vessel afloat? This metaphor happens every […]

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for Businesses of all Sizes

Accidents happen. From power outages and sick days, to natural disasters and dramatic and sudden financial crises, business face countless threats, challenges, and disruptions. A business Continuity Plan is essentially a document which is drafted with the detailed steps a business can take to stay trading during a disaster. It will be the framework used […]

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