Tag: Business Continuity Plan

Once you start on your stride as a business, most of the time you are inclined to keep moving forward. While this is an admirable trait, it is important to always be ready for any unexpected situation. This is when creating a business continuity plan is going to be important.

Having a business continuity plan ensures that you stay afloat whatever happens. When you have such, it shows your customers and staff that you are prepared for anything that comes your way, making you a trusted brand. Here are some things you need to know when creating contingency measures and remain unfazed.

Why You Need a Business Plan

Imagine yourself starting a new venture without an ending or a goal in mind. This can lead to mindless wandering, doubling up and in some cases wasting time. This scenario can be applicable to business as well, which is why a business plan is important at all stages of the business life cycle. A business […]

Cross-Training Staff: Why It’s a Wise Move and How to Effectively Do It

Running a business is like sailing through unpredictably turbulent seas. At one point things look placid and smooth, then in another the waves become massive and smash important parts of the ship. Will the captain allow the ship to sink, or are there spare items aboard to keep the vessel afloat? This metaphor happens every […]