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William Advisory Group is a boutique management consulting firm that serves Small and Medium-sized Enterprises both privately owned and ASX-listed.


Our team, located in Pyrmont, NSW are a group of accomplished management consultants. We help business owners and managers identify the fundamental value drivers in their business and facilitate implementing performance improvements, which are both tangible and achievable.




William Advisory Group provides a fixed fee business health checks for your business. A business health check is ideal to identify areas of a business which can be improved to increase profitability.


We advise a regular health check to ensure your business is keeping on track. The William Advisory health check is completed on site so we can see firsthand your processes and procedures.


We will meet with you and your key personnel to review your company’s current and historical performance, then provide you with a timely report outlining our findings. The comprehensive report includes areas we have identified as needing improvement to get the most out of your business.


Our solid experience is garnered through many years consulting to a broad range of businesses from various industries. This track record of improvement to a diverse portfolio of clients is what sets us apart in the management consulting arena. Our ability to unlock hidden value in your business and provide you with a fresh view on improving the performance of your businesses. 


Our business health checks are fixed price, and our reporting is timely, so provide good economic sense. If you are interested in enhancing your business bottom line in any economic climate, please contact us now to schedule an obligation free discussion. Call our office for more information on 02 9660 7061


Have you considered Business Performance Consulting to identify your high cost areas? As a busy business owner, sometimes there’s not enough time to attend to all business matters, so many business owners turn to William Advisory Group for help.


Our Business Performance Consulting service can help you steer the business in a more lucrative direction, leaving you free to focus on running the business. We specialise in business performance improvement which unlocks overlooked potential to maximise profit.


Our experienced business performance consulting team has worked across a range of different industries, with businesses from SME’s to ASX 100. Our consultant group are well experienced with solid track records in the following areas of expertise:


– Complex financial pricing models

– Process Optimisation

– Sales Otimisation

– Profit Maximisation

– 360 reviews of high cost areas.

– Review business policies and procedures, assess outsourcing options

– Conduct tenders and negotiate/engage service providers

– Negotiation & Mediation Strategic Planning

– Mergers & Acquisitions

– Recession Proofing

– Employee Incentive & Bonus Structures

Turnaround management is a process that uses analysis and planning to identify and rectify declining market performance. Our consultant examines your problems objectively, isolates the problem area and puts forward a solution.


Broad experience across a multiple of sectors and industries enables our Turnaround Managers to make critical decisions quickly and set the company back on a path to recovery. If your business has noticed a decline in performance or an inability to thrive, consider an objective, third party turnaround manager to quickly isolate the problem and offer alternative processes to compensate. The turnaround manager can stay as long as they are needed to initiate the turnaround.


Our four step process to recovery will be tailored to your needs and progress through the following stages:  


The first stage of the engagement will involve information gathering, understanding the businesses major issues and assessing the severity of the company’s problems. A detailed assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. 



Development of a strategic plan with specific quantifiable goals and actions will be prepared and presented to the key stakeholders of the business. The communication of this plan is crucial as it can restore confidence that the business can work through its difficulties.
The plan will typically include financial, marketing and operational objectives that will improve working capital, reduce operating costs and improve budgeting and pricing.



Initially the return to a positive operating cash flow position is imperative, so once the agreed strategic plan is finalised we facilitate it’s implementation. This can be a stressful and difficult time as the business will go through significant change but we are here to help you implement this, manage change and guide you through this process.


Returning to business as usual 

Stopping the decline and losses is one thing, but returning the business to a point where it achieves an acceptable return to its owners and shareholder is the next important step. Our managers implement this step in order to get your business back on it’s feet.
At William Advisory Group, we have the experience and commercial understanding to guide you through this turnaround management process.

Our Results

William Consulting Group are engaged as Management Consultants in numerous industries and have produced enviable results for many businesses. Each business is different and the problems vary with each engagement.

We are results driven and will get your business expenditure under control with our seasoned experts. Here are some highlights & results from recent management consulting engagements:

Service Industry 

Working within the business, we prepared a sale and exit strategy which produced a 60% improvement in their net gain/benefit by identifying loss making activity. Working with the Directors, we implemented the exit strategy and restructure a $300,000 liability.


Unlocked monthly free cash-flow by 25%. Streamlined current organisational structure leading to a reduction in FTE headcount by 2. Reduce statutory costs by $100,000 per year and improved EBIT by 200% year on year.

Waste Management 

Reviewed recurring expenditure items and successfully negotiated more favorable trading terms resulting in a bottom line improvement of over $1.3m. Prepared and implement strategic and operational plans which provided the business with a path to success.

IT Solutions 

Streamlined staffing requirements, offshore admin costs, reduced taxable outcome and added 20% free cash flow to the business.

Working inside this fast-growing business, we collaborated with the management team and external accountants to streamline staffing requirements, offshore administration costs, reduce taxable outcome and added 20% free cash-flow to the business. Further, we have implemented strategic growth plans and budgets, improve staff productivity and increased profit by more than 60% in 3 months.


Successfully re-engineered strategic plan for one their flagship events (historically loss-making) to make their first profit (over 5 events). 360 review of high cost travel area resulting in a 30% ($500,000) reduction in travel expenses.

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At William Advisory Group we draw from the knowledge of our consultants with over 50 years experience providing advice to businesses from a range of different industries. Our consultants are highly qualified and have gained their experience from being actively involved in the day to day running of businesses.

We have consultants who have in depth knowledge and experience in the operations of industries including

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Why William Advisory Group?

  • We all start our business because we knew we could provide something better, different or more effective than what was currently offered in the market.

  • We are all experts in our chosen field. William Advisory Group are experts in getting the best results from your business.

  • We will work collaboratively with you to identify problem areas, resolve issues and improve performance.

  • By optimising processes, increasing margins, revitalising cash flow and maximising profits, we help our clients make lasting improvements to their business and achieve their goals.

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