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Establishing your own business in today’s competitive and congested market is a huge undertaking. Running it and staying afloat is another, and can prove to be an even bigger, more taxing challenge. This is why you will need all the help you can get in order to survive the cutthroat world out there.

Here are a series of blogs covering topics you should know about to remain resilient and adapt to the fluid changes of the business world. From creating business continuity plans, cross-training your staff, and choosing a consultant, there are bits and pieces of information here that will give you the information you need.

Dad and Partner Pay in Australia: What You Need to Know

Having a family is one of the most precious things you could ever have. So when a new member comes, you have to free up time and be there to greet the baby – and that includes taking time off work. For businesses, this can disrupt a few things but if you are prepared you […]

Why You Need a Business Plan

Imagine yourself starting a new venture without an ending or a goal in mind. This can lead to mindless wandering, doubling up and in some cases wasting time. This scenario can be applicable to business as well, which is why a business plan is important at all stages of the business life cycle. A business […]

The Difference Between a Business Coach and an Advisor

When you run a business, you need to have clear vision and goals. Go in blind and you’re most likely done even before you get a comfortable stride. If you need help it’s good to know the difference between a business coach and an advisor. You need people with experience to back you up and […]

What Does an Accounting Consultant Do?

Many business owners realise the importance of monitoring cash flow. After all, it is what keeps the company running and the lights on. And that’s why smart business people hire people who will help us do exactly that. But with the range of options to choose from it’s often confusing to know which professional is […]

Formalising Business Procedures: Why It’s Important

For some people, the greatest challenge running a business is actually starting one. With the many naysayers out there, it takes a great deal of courage and bravery to power through them. And when you’ve finally proven yourself and set aside your doubts, you feel like a million bucks! While that is a difficult part, […]

Turnaround Management: What You Need to Know

Turnaround management may be a familiar term to some of you, but to others it can be the first time you have heard it. For those who are running a business, it is a universal fact that there’s always a shaky competition, and it gets tougher as time goes by. And while you can be […]

Black Economy in Australia: How it Hurts Businesses

The black economy, also known as shadow, cash, or underground economy, refers to people who evade their tax obligations. As such, they engage in illegal, dishonest undertakings such as understatement of takings, welfare fraud, off-the-book cash transactions, false declaration of income, and a lot more. Why do business entities engage in the black economy? Perhaps […]

Cross-Training Staff: Why It’s a Wise Move and How to Effectively Do It

Running a business is like sailing through unpredictably turbulent seas. At one point things look placid and smooth, then in another the waves become massive and smash important parts of the ship. Will the captain allow the ship to sink, or are there spare items aboard to keep the vessel afloat? This metaphor happens every […]

The Meaning, Benefits and Process of Business Health Check

What do you think the term Business Health Check Means? Most owners of small and medium enterprises are so focused on satisfying the immediate needs of their customers, staff or suppliers that they forget to plan for the future. When all you think about is working “in” the business without giving a thought to working […]

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for Businesses of all Sizes

Accidents happen. From power outages and sick days, to natural disasters and dramatic and sudden financial crises, business face countless threats, challenges, and disruptions. A business Continuity Plan is essentially a document which is drafted with the detailed steps a business can take to stay trading during a disaster. It will be the framework used […]